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Universitas Bunda Mulia (UBM) held a webinar titled UBM Studium Generale Series 005 “Global Sustainability and International Business”. They aimed to provide knowledge to students and the public about the concept of business continuity: in running a business, apart from seeking maximum profit, the responsibility of business entities to the environment and the surrounding community, and furthermore to provide information on how global entities implement sustainability programs and the role of communities to support these programs.

Ms. Josephine Satyono was one of two main speakers of the session, “Take Action for the Sustainable Development Goals”. Aligned with the main theme, she delivered about the SDGs history and journey, roles of all stakeholders, UN Global Compact and IGCN, and businesses progress in sustainability. A video of the UN Global Compact was played in the beginning to stimulate participants about the key takeaways from the leaders’ speeches in the video. The session was later continued with discussions to increase the knowledge and understanding of all participants regarding sustainability, standards, and implementation of business strategy in penetrating and surviving global competition.

The other speaker was Prof. Jeffrey Hales, Ph.D, Chair of Sustainability Accounting Standard Board, who delivered about Global Sustainability and International Business.