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25 Feb 2022 - Sekolah Pilar Indonesia is a school catering the educational needs of Early Childhood Center, which is also a member of UN Global Compact in Indonesia. The grade 10 students were in the process of making their own personal projects, where each student made a project based on their interests, talents, and abilities, where they also had to practice their skills to make reports. The grade 11 students were making a project related to social and environmental concerns, such as e-waste and other environmental issues, where they were encouraged to connect and implement it with one of the SDGs.

In order to have better explanations and insights among high school students about the UN Global Compact, IGCN, the Ten Principles and the SDGs that they were currently implementing in the school activities, Sekolah Pilar Indonesia invited IGCN’s Executive Director, Ms. Josephine Satyono to share and discuss with the students about the history and journey of SDGs, the UN Global Compact and IGCN, and how everyone, including students, can contribute together to achieve the 2030 Agenda.