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Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN), Oxfam GB in Indonesia (Oxfam), and International NGOs Forum on Indonesia Development (INFID) together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights held a “Business and Human Rights Forum 2019” on 27 February 2019 in Jakarta.

Business and Human Rights Forum was packed with three plenary sessions which involved around 173 participants from Government, business, academia, CSOs and media.

Dr. Mualimin Abdi, Director General of Human Rights, Ministry of Law and Human Rights and Rafael De Bustamante, Head of Political, Press and Information Section, European Union (EU) attended the event and delivered keynotes.

This Forum was also succeeded with multi-stakeholder dialogues to facilitate the exchange of informations and deeper understanding of UNGP implementation in Indonesia. Took the same opportunity on the event, "Business and Human Rights Help Desk" was launched as the first Business and Human Rights online platform in Indonesia. This platform an effort to provide information about Business and Human Rights best practice that can be easily accessed.

"Aside from exchanging information about UNGP implementation in Indonesia, in this forum too, we can review the implementation of UNGP seven years back in Indonesia and how can we connect it with the development, current challenges and to see the opportunities to be better," said Y.W. Junardy, Presiden IGCN. He continued, "The launching of the Business and Human Rights Help Desk is expected to be the center of information and learning platform about implementation of Business and Human Rights best practice in companies".


The Launch of "Business and Human Rights Help Desk: Learning Platform for Companies"

Through this opportunity, the first Business and Human Rights Help Desk was launched. This platform is formulated based on reports of various human rights cases among businesses. 

This user-friendly platform can be easily accessed by anyone who has interest in learning about business and human rights - whether you are beginner, intermediate or expert. Business and Human Rights Help Desk is free of charge and can be utilized as the most resourceful learning platform for business.

Access here for Business and Human Rights Help Desk


Business and Human Rights Forum 2019 Plenary Sessions

Integrating UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in National Action Plan 2020-2024

Resource person:

  • Bambang Iriana Djajaatmadja, SH. LLM., Director of Human Rights Cooperation, Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • Ifdhal Kasim, Senior Expert at Deputy V, Executive Office of the President (KSP)
  • Mugiyanto, Acting Executive Director, INFID
  • Iman Prihandono, Faculty of Law of Airlangga University


Khalisah Halid, Head of Adhoc Political of ecological Justice, Walhi


Multi-stakeholders Dialogue on BHR Series 11: The Progress and Lesson Study of Implementation UNGPs in Indonesia (2016-2019)

Resource person: 

  • Ramadansyah Hasan, Deputy Director for Economy, Socio Cultural, and Development Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Luthfi Mardiansyah, Chairman, SwissCham Indonesia
  • Anugrah Anugraha Dezmercoledi, Co-chair, Business and Human Rights Working Group (B&HRWG)


Gibran Mahesa Drajat, M.A., M.A., Lecturer of International Relations, President University


Disability Inclusion in the Business and Education Sectors

Resource person:

  • Ema Widiati, M.Si., Head Section of Social Rehabilitation for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Irakli Khodeli, Head of Social and Human Sciences Unit, UNESCO
  • Ni Komang Ayu Suriani, Chief Executive Officer, Diffago
  • Anugraha Dezmercoledi, Senior Program Manager, Rajawali Foundation