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Gender equality is important for the advancement and sustainability of women owned/led enterprises. This is highly relevant as more than half of the MSMEs in Indonesia are owned or led by women. Thus, further collaboration is needed to ensure that government policy, economy and commerce are on the side of women and puts forth gender equality. Read More...
IGCN in partnership with Bhumiksara Foundation and Atma Jaya Catholic University conducted an IGCN Special Gathering with a topic “Freedom of Religion and Belief: Its Importance and Influence to the Business Strategy”. Read More...
United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGPs) on Business and Human Rights introduce a new approach that replaces the naming and shaming campaign. It endorses new rules of the game, namely the “Knowing and Showing” approach whereby companies are proactively taking preventative steps before any harm occurs within their operations. Read More...